Hard Water Stains on Windows

Water in the Arizona desert is a very valuable commodity. However, Phoenix water on windows can be a very costly mistake!

Hard Water Stains on Window

Ahwatukee Hard Water, Before

At this house in the foothills of Ahwatukee a sprinkler was allowed to spray the windows with hard Arizona water for some time. The minerals in the water etched their way into the glass and caused the hard water stains that you see.

This house was for sale and had an offer on it. However, the home purchasers stipulated that the windows needed to be fixed. The home inspector could not tell if the damage to the glass was on the inside of the window (between the panes) or on the outside. But Brad at Clearly Professional Window Cleaning could tell!

Many Arizona windows do indeed have damage in-between the panes of glass. This is usually caused by seals on the insulated glass that have failed and allowed moisture to enter the space between the two panes. There is very little that can be done to make this type of damage look better.

However, in this case, the seals on the windows were just fine. All of the damage was on the outside of the glass and had been caused by the errant sprinkler.

Using the Mr. HardWater polishing system, Brad at Clearly Professional Window Cleaning was able to remove the hard water stains and bring the windows back to their original beauty!

Hard Water Stains on Window after polishing

After, Ahwatukee Hard Water

The homeowner was thrilled with the results. Especially because he had received an estimate to replace the windows of about $2,400. With the hard water polishing performed by Clearly Professional Window Cleaning he was able to save over $2,000!

Hard water stain treatment can be costly. However, it is very inexpensive when compared to glass replacement!

Hard Water Stains on Window removed by Clearly Professional Window Cleaning

These windows are like new again after Clearly Professional Window Cleaning removed hard water stains.

Water in the Arizona desert certainly has its place and is very important. But it does not belong on windows!

Remember, in Arizona, Whisky is for drinking; water is for fighting!

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