Home Watch Service

Upon completion of each home check you will receive an email communication and documentation of your homes’ condition. This will include a checklist of items observed, notes, and time/date stamped digital photographs. If warranted, a phone call will also be made to you.

Exterior Checks:

  •   Visually check gates/fences/walls
  •   Visually check landscaping: storm damage, weeds, overgrown, dead/dying plants
  •   Visual HVAC check (outdoors, ground level)
  •   Visual roof inspection (ground level)
  •   General pool cleanliness
  •   Remove all flyers, business cards, papers, etc.
  •   Sweep entryway
  •   Check for evidence of birds nesting on structure (ground level)
  •   Turn the house water valve on upon arrival, and off on departure
  •   Visually inspect house and grounds
  •   Check for vandalism
  •   Check for leaks around exterior taps and hose bibs
  •   Visual gutter check (ground level)
  •   Check light fixtures for damage/bulbs out
  •   Replace burned out light bulbs (provided by client)
  •   Check for obvious damage to irrigation system
  •   Check for wasp or bee nests
  •   Check the operation of the garage door/opener
  •   Spot weed spraying (spray provided by client)

Interior Checks:

  • Run all plumbing:
  •         Every Visit: sinks, toilets, tubs, showers
  •         Monthly: rinse cycle on dishwasher & washing machine
  •   Visual check for leaks from sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, dishwasher, washing machine, hot water heater
  •   Visible signs of water leaks around doors, windows, walls and ceiling
  •   Run the garbage disposal
  •   Turn on/off room lights as directed
  •   Replace burned out light bulbs (provided by client)
  •   Check for pests (chewed food packages, live & dead pests)
  •   Check that all windows and doors are locked
  •   HVAC filter check (monthly)
  •   Check soft water system (add salt if needed, provided by client)
  •   Check reverse osmosis system
  •   Check for unusual odors inside
  •   Check for messages on security system
  •   Check that security system is in proper working order
  •   Reset security system on departure
  •   Test fire/smoke, carbon monoxide detector alarm(s) (monthly)
  •   Check refrigerator and freezer temperatures
  •   Water indoor plants as directed






Fee Schedule:

$40 per visit

Because of all the things that can go wrong we recommend visits once a week or twice a month.

Price is for all homes with up to four bathrooms. Homes with additional bathrooms will be charged an additional $10 per bathroom. At your direction, Clearly Professional Home Watch will visit your home once per week or twice per month.

Additional Services:

  •   Check for damage after major storms. $40 per hour
  •   Let service provider into the house to perform work. $40 per hour
  •   Secure house after a service provider is done. $40 per hour
  •   Oversee the house while a service provider is working. $40 per hour
  •   Respond to security system alarms. $75 per hour (M-F 8 am-5 pm), $125 per hour during off hours
  •   Window Cleaning Service (please visit www.CPWindowCleaning.com for pricing)

House Closing Service
$40 per hour

  •   Remove perishables from the refrigerator and pantry
  •   Empty and turn off icemaker
  •   Turn off hot water heater (electric), set to vacation mode (gas)
  •   Insure that HVAC system is set as client desires
  •   Secure patio furniture (store in garage or other location as directed)
  •   Take out & bring in garbage/recycling containers
  •   Close curtains/blinds as directed
  •   Unplug expensive electronic equipment (TV’s, computers, stereo, etc.)

Welcome Home Service
$40 per hour

  •   Turn on the icemaker
  •   Turn hot water heater on
  •   Set HVAC system as client desires
  •   Sweep patio
  •   Replace patio furniture
  •   Open curtains/blinds as directed
  •   Plug electronic equipment back in
  •   Stock refrigerator and pantry (cost of groceries paid by client)

Renter/Guest Service
$40 per hour

  •   Meet renters/guests at house as directed
  •   Provide them with directions on operations of the house

All prices are subject to change.


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